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I am only going away overnight, can I still use your services?

Yes. There is no minimum or maximum amount of days required. 

Am i required to have my animals vaccinated to use your services?

No. Because your animals stay in their own environment we do not require your pets to be vaccinated. Whether your pet should be vaccinated should be discussed with your vet.

What happens if my pet becomes ill and needs a vet while I am away?

If your pet becomes ill, we will first try and contact you or your emergency contact. If we cannot get hold of anyone we will take your pet to your vet as discussed at the initial consultation. 

I need my pets looked after but I don't like the idea of someone else being in my home while I am away.

That is fine. If you only have outside animals and have a shed or somewhere secure to keep the animals feed and other items and a dry secure place where we can place your mail then we don't need access to the house. 

When am I required to pay the deposit and full payment by?

The deposit is required for us to be able to confirm your booking. The rest of the payment is required the day before we commence the services. If paying by direct deposit please allow for the 2 days that it generally takes before it reaches our account.

How do you store my keys when not in use?

Your keys will be kept in a secure safe when not in use. Your keys are not tagged with your name and address, we use a code system to ensure your security. 

Can i contact you while I am away to see how everything is going?

You are welcome to contact us anytime between 8am -5pm to check how things are going. We will also provide you with updates via email or sms. These updates can be daily, every couple of days or weekly depending on your requirements. 

Do I have to have an initial consultation and complete the paperwork every time I use your services?

No. So long as your circumstances have not changed since your last booking we do not need to have another initial consultation or complete further paperwork. Simply call or email to arrange your booking, pay the deposit and if necessary arrange collection of keys and we are ready to go again.

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